There is an ancient and inspiring impulse of humanity to contribute to the good around us -- This is what gardening is. This is also what PEACE is.

But PEACE is not going to come waltzing in wearing a bluesuit & fancy hat, we have to find it ourselves.

A garden is a perfect place for you to practice PEACE

-- slowly get the hang of it and then bring it to the rest of your life. A garden is where you can practice contributing to the quiet -- creating a silence that spills over into everything. A garden is where you can practice providing for yourself -- it is one place where you can experience not being a consumer, and practice swapping wanting for waiting.

Free from all our own limitations, a garden is where you can get your very own view of yourself and your world. Like the artist altered by their art -- and the lover evolved by their love, you will change yourself in the act of garden activities. Practice seeing clearly and not responding with low vibration. Practice shaking the sluggish to action and soothing the seething of the cynical. In a garden you can practice coming to fine new understandings and living them loudly -- forcing the world to hear you with 100sq ft or 2 whole acres. Show us what kind of convictions a human is comprised of -- mere freedom is no match for this.

Simply walk away from the grocery store and grow as much food as you can. Whether you want a Revolution or just a Good Harvest...

Practice PEACE.

by Yan of Piebird

Soggy Creek Seed Co.

grow peace


pea seeds for peaceYou can feel it out in the fields, the kind of growth we do in a garden is greater than any other growth. In a garden, the sun still shines, you notice things about life that would be hard to observe in a shadow on an office wall. With a little help from your garden you are bound to have insights that are way to big to bound: your soul feels beautiful, and beauty feels like the only truth, and beauty becomes everything believed in. This is peace.

Gardens are drafting peacemakers. Everyone should have a hoe! In a garden, you learn the ways of co-operation, consideration, courage and compassion. The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness. First you have to see that other being and then realize that you are all one. Then you’ll notice all living things and become aware of the interdependence. I don’t know when else in my life I have ever had such an awareness of Beauty and sense of spiritual validity than in the garden.

I don't mean to be yammering away, talking about gardening as if I'm describing a dream. All I mean to muster and say is that gardening teaches a different way of being in the world. We all feel a bit helpless that our lives are so deeply woven with a dependance on distant others to feed us. Growing ones own food can satisfy a person who is looking for a simple truth to live by. Why not share that experience with others who have not yet chosen to grow? After, they'll be wondering why nobody ever told them about it before!

Doing more for ourselves, like growing our own food and saving our own seed is doable and pleasurable and powerful. People are deeply disconnected from where food comes from and even confused as to what food is. Look at your lawn, sell your lawnmower and buy a fork! Happiness is in the practices preserved in the lifestyles of simple-life folk.

With that good feeling gardening gives us, it's almost as if our salvation depends on it. Maybe our humility and spirit cannot be enhanced by television or traffic? Maybe our humanity depends on us helping plants?

Now, your task is to carry that good feeling that gardening gives with you when you leave your garden. Give some seeds to your friends and neighbours. Connect and co-inspire each other, transform ourselves and change the world in the process. Liberation leads to liberation.

peace seeds - peasHere at Soggy Creek Seed Co., with these seeds we wish to create something new, not new plants, but new attitudes. We're not trying to echo some weird green eco-economic model. We want to demystify organic gardening and show how easy and important it is. Gardening is not some horrendous struggle. Everyone should explore and enjoy the increased richness of the experience.

We live in a wild time, we're all wondering what we can do to make a difference. If it bewilders you that the majority still fill their garden plots with store bought annuals, instead of open-pollinated vegetables grown from seed, then grow some plants, save the seeds, share them and spread the joy!

grow peace
Below writing from: (c) 2011
Pea Seeds for Peace


Peace will pop out of the these pea pods.

The enormities and errors of our agricultural system can be righted with no strenuous effort, no effort at all. You can help the world without a word, just by quietly turning some soil and planting some seeds.

Good Wendell Berry once said, "If we are serious about peace, then we must work for it as ardently, seriously, continuously, carefully, and bravely as we have ever prepared for war," -- but maybe that's not one of his better ideas. The more we are ardent with our preparations for Peace, the more likely it may turn into unpeace/unrest. Instead, once we individually have the willingness for peace we could just quietly plant the largest garden one can muster and tend. No need to cry for retribution, just fill your pockets up with seeds.

Lightly hoeing your own soil will topple the towering but tottering agribusiness and who knows what else.

Just quietly walk away from the grocery store and grow as much food as you can. The peace is in the seeds that you plant and tend -- and it'll spread to every plant, every field, every farm, and every family fed. Our roads will become narrow and slow because they'll be parading for peace down every shoulder.

The long honoured acts of good agricultural practice are stuck in the ground for us to find, in furrows only as deep as your hoe will go.

Eat Peace --

If your food is not Peace then it'll be more difficult for your life to be. We are all obliged to be peaceful, even though we are disposed somewhat by confusion and somewhat by greed to put ourselves before other things. Be Peace. Change is the courage you have, make what you want bring joy to all.

Put Peace on your plate. Put Peace on your fork. Put Peace in your belly. Let us have the capacity to acknowledge these little acts of planting seeds and the other milder forms of peace that are fashionable. Like smiles or gratitude. Let your garden be an example to imitate and a precept to follow.

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Over the winter --
think up a list of things you would like to get done. Things that need to happen. These could be the things you hear everyday in the squeaking voice of the loose floorboard. Maybe on your list jot down something that you’d like to do for the land. In the spring after winter’s time on earth, plant your demands as seeds -- plant one seed for every thing you wish and every achievement you sniff for -- or plant every single seed in honor of the same desire, something that you want to get done, something so big that you might as well start out by doing something really small -- something small like planting a seed. Many people who plant by this “all for one” method plant each seed for Peace. Every seed becomes like an electric shock in the front lobe of our consciousness’ brain. Every seed brings us one day closer to the morning when we rise wide awake to Peace.

You can plant Peace with as little as one seed --

Stuff a seed in some dirt and pour water on it. Then say some hocus-pocus and squeeze out its lingering life into the light.
-- At this point, the seed still has no idea what it is. It could be growing into becoming a handbag, it could be becoming a doormat or a prize of literature. It does not know that it is growing into a cabbage. If you were to ask a seedling what it is it would be completely puzzled. No idea. Just guesses. Umbrella? Soap? Guinea Pig? Prison? A farmer? A whisper? A foolish objective? Cobweb?

Now’s your chance --

You can tell your little seedling that it is anything -- anything you want. This is how dreams come to be true. You can tell your little seedling that it is PEACE! Quick before it realizes that it’s actually a cabbage!

Growing Vegetables and Peace --

How do you know what all the good you can do is until you try it all? But when looking at the state of your garden and seeing what needs to be done, remember, one cannot do all the world’s work but one can do one’s own work. Likewise --
when looking at the state of the world and seeing what needs to be done, remember, one cannot do the whole world’s work but come can do one’s own work. Nothing I do myself will ever directly change anybody else. It takes so much external energy to get somebody to do anything. It’s easier if their urge comes from something they experienced themselves.
Try it --
Choose anybody you know or somebody you don’t and try to get them to do something, anything at all. Make it easy for yourself at first, maybe get them to do something small, maybe some small alteration to something they already have (that seems easy), maybe some small change. Try to instruct them and get them to incorporate some small habit into their day -- like gardening. It’s very difficult --

-- It’s much easier for everybody if they experience an event themselves, then have a feeling based on what they witnessed, and then decide to do something themselves based on that sensation they felt. We all have things in us that want to grow -- parasites, dreams, new tomorrows.

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