About our Organic Heriloom Seeds

Piebird is a Happy Place!

We've been wooing wonderful things from the garden for several years and have this collection of wonderful seeds to share. All our seeds are open-pollinated, organic, untreated and non-GMO. They are all heirlooms that have been given new names that are more appropriate to their characteristics and our times. Most of our seeds are Northern grown, grown with love right here in Nipissing Ontario.

These seeds that we've gathered to share are our favorites here in the gardens ofPiebird Vegan B&B / FarmStay. We started Piebird when we bought this land in 2005 and the seed company grew out of that, each year we add a couple new varities that we love and have collected enough seed from.

Seed exchange heirloom seeds

Soggy Creek Seed Co. at a seed exchange

At Soggy Creek Seed Co., we understand that it can be hard to garden when everywhere you look you see Beauty. Our gardens too tend to spill out of their boundries and many of the wild ones slip in. Many of those wild ones would make a good addition to your life. So we're carrying more than just heirloom vegetable seeds, we also sell seeds of plant-friends that help heal the land and strengthen your body.

We all receive contributions from the earth and we all draw our strength from the soil. At Soggy Creek Seed Co. we believe in nurturing the soil, and working the land with respect. Your soil is the most important crop you can grow. Everything else descends from that. Healthy soil – healthy plants – happy seeds.

Seed exchange heirloom seeds

Sharing seeds is fun! Photo by Liz Lott @

With good sense, more and more folks are tending more and more toward a caring sustainability and curing themselves of the habits of consumption and waste. Growing a garden is a physical as well as a spiritual thing. Planting a seed is an act of hope for the future. Only gardening penetrates what intrusions and habits surround us. Turning the soil reveals life to us, it shows what is fundamental, enduring and essential. Every mouthful of food you produce yourself takes a truckload of pressure off the global food supply.

Many of the seeds we now cherish were brought in pockets and pouches to Canada when the generations before our own immigrated. Some are quite rare, but have been around a long time for a very good reason - they are too good to lose. All our seed is organic, open pollinated public domain. We hope you grow them, save them, and share them with friends! Save your own seeds, have fun!

Piebird Vegan Bed & Breakfast / Farmstay

Piebird Bed & Breakfast

Piebird Bed & Breakfast

Soggy Creek Seed Co. is run by Sherry and Yan of Piebird Bed & Breakfast, in Nipissing Village, Ontario. Piebird is a vegetarian / vegan Bed & Breakfast that fetures homegrown food and a beautiful century-old country home.

In addition to rejuvenating vacations, at Piebird we also offer life-changing workshops in self sufficency: canning, organic gardening, vegetarian/healthy eating, etc. Come for an intensive retreat or a farm-stay where you can come and help us lure dinner from the garden for one of our restaurant-style vegan suppers or monthly concerts. Contact us for more information.

Piebird is a happy place!

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Heirloom Carrots in the field

One of the gardens here at Piebird B&B/FarmStay

Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Sherry & Yan

Sherry and Yan planning this year's heritage seed catalogue

Photo of Sherry and Yan by Matt Barnes of

Sherry and Yan started Piebird Bed & Breakfast in 2005, resurrecting a beautiful century-old house in the country to its original splendor.

Sherry also does nutritional consulting, consulting for dietary transitions, and vegetarian whole-food workshops among other things!

Yan also does design/adveriting/marketing/etc and is behind all of the visual creations here at Soggy Creek Seed Co.

heirloom peas

Heirloom Peas -- Pea Seeds for Peace!

Planting Heirloom Vegetable Seed in Ontario

Yan planting seed in a field of dirt